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Complete deliverance from spiritual marriage
Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands

Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands

This Book Reveals...

How to Get Rid of Spirit Wives and Husbands From Your Life For A Total Peace of Mind and Celebrate Your Recovery... Starting Today

This one SIMPLE and EASY to implement deliverance guide has helped many struggling and frustrated victims of demons get rid of demons and became free from the manipulations and attacks of Spirit Wives and Husbands... and YOU are about to discover how to use this same secret to get rid of demons from your life today. This book contains the most powerful course of action to get deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands.


If you are suffering from a spirit wife, or husband…

If you are oppressed by an incubus, succubus or sexual marine spirit…

If you have tried all methods and techniques to get rid of sex demons of the night but have failed on several attempts...

If you sometimes feel a spirit spouse is no more in your life and then suddenly it appears again…

If you want to end your life because you are a victim of a spirit spouse…

If you are struggling in silence due to the shame of letting others know that you are a victim of a sex demon…

If you’re afraid of rejection and judgment associated with issues of a sexual nature?

If you are disoriented about your direction from getting your life back from the menace of a spirit spouse…

If decisions are tough to make and steps hard to take…

And yet want to be set free from spiritual marriage and enjoy a peaceful life… this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Because inside, you’ll discover a step-by-step deliverance process to get rid of spirit wives and husbands. Allow God to use the pages of this book to place your feet firmly on the right path.

Are You Experiencing the Following?

  • Constant sex in your dreams (wet dreams).
  • Breastfeeding in a dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.

  • Loss of job and valuables before or just after the marriage ceremony.

  • Inability to conceive..

  • Your loving human spouse has suddenly become your enemy.

  • Unjustified arguments and misunderstandings between you and whomever you are dating or married to.

  • Miscarriages after sex in a dream..

In Your Dreams Do You See Yourself...

  •  Being wedded?

  •  Having constant sex?

  •  Being pregnant?

  •  Having prolonged pregnancy?

  •  Breastfeeding a child?

  •  Nursing a child?

  •  Backing a baby?


If your answer is YES, then grab a copy of this book to set yourself free from the attacks and manipulations of demons.

First, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover inside the pages of the Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands Book:
  • The entry points or gateways of Spirit Wives and Husbands and the effects they can have on you and your marriage.

  •  The secret keys or steps to get rid of spirit wives and husbands or spiritual marriage.

  •  The TRUE powerful and SACRED name of the Creator and that of His Son. The pronouncing alone of this true powerful name of the Creator and His Son could set you free. Note that these names are not the common names you know.

  •  A proven written down prayers containing the truly powerful name of God and His Son to get total deliverance from sex demons of the night.

  •  Powerful Psalms to pray with to be set free from the menace, attacks, and manipulations of sex demons of the night. Experience the power of Angelic Prayers (Psalms).

Are you struggling in silence due to the shame of letting others know that you are a victim of a sex demon?

Are you afraid of rejection and judgment associated with issues of a sexual nature?

You would no more be locked behind walls of shame when you buy Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands.


There’s more to what you’ll uncover inside…

  •  Why spirit spouses exist.

  •  What harm they can cause.

  •  Who can become a victim.

  •  How to get rid of them.


The Secret of Happiness is freedom, likewise, the Secret of Freedom is courage


Get Access to the Book

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll uncover inside the book...
Positive Image
1. ​​​​​The book explains what incubus and succubus spirits are.
 2. The book discusses the characteristics and signs of sex demons of the night
 3. The book unveils the entry points of spirit wives and husbands.
4. Finally, it gives you the KEYS to getting rid of spirit spouses completely from your life

See what others are saying about the Book

Dristig Expression

It was very informational and has prepared me for a path to true deliverance. I like the prayer points provided too. The world needs to be having more conversations about these spiritual realities.”

- Dristig Expression

Worthington, U.S.A

Eno Maxwell

This book has hit the nail on the head with my problem. I am glad that I was able to identify and given a name so I can deal with my problem properly.”

- Eno Maxwell

Texas, U.S.A

Ruby G.

It was an interesting approach. It works fairly well for keeping demons away from your life. I can’t dispense with him permanently but have gotten relief. If anyone thinks this is imaginary, they haven’t experienced it.

- Ruby G.

Oregon, U.S.A